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What is Safe about Putchi Pads and why should you buy them?

  • No Phthalates & Paraben 
  • Toxin & Chemical free Sanitary pads
  • Fragrance & Dye Free Sanitary Pads
  • Safe for Viginal and Reproductive health
  • Green menstruation - Bio-degradable - Sustainable
  • High absorption pads  - Absorbs Heavy Flow - Cramp relief       
  • Extra soft - Strong fixator- Comfortable- Stainfree
  • Accessible, affordable &  high quality                                                                         
  • Cotton layers replaced instead of toxic gel normally found in commercial pads
  • Comes in Free trendy  travel pouches that are easy to carry in handbags 
  • Fits all body types & sizes - Plus Size - Teens
  • Use Cases : Teens, Normal menstruation, Heavyflow periods, Maternity, Postpartum Periods,  Meno Pause, Hospitals, Travel.       
  • Putchi Touchd Line Travel Sanitary Pads are specially made to absorb heavy flow and urinary incontinence during your travel, for the comfort of new mothers and women with heavy blood flow periods. 

    Directions For Use:

    • Remove the adhesive strip. Press firmly on underwear.
    • After use, roll the used pad and dispose of it in the dustbin.
    • Do not flush in toilets.

     Note:  Not Returnable

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