Timios Zookers Apple & Blueberry Bits, 150g Pack of 2

Sale priceRs. 320.00


Timios Zookers Apple & Blueberry Bits are made with simple wholesome ingredients keeping the appetite of your little one in mind. No additives no colors, Zookers Apple and blueberry Bits are enriched with natural fruits.

Timios Zookers are delicious biscuits made, especially for babies (12+ months). These animal-shaped biscuits are made from natural ingredients and fun to eat. Packed with the goodness of whole grains, fruits, and almonds, they can be served as a fun finger-food for your kids or mixed with milk.

These delicious biscuits can be served as fun finger food to pick and eat, or crushed and mixed with milk, to feed to your baby.

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