Timios Weekly Snack for Kids - Pack of 14

Sale priceRs. 340.00


This combo pack keeps your kids healthy and active all week long, so you don't have to worry about them eating junk food.

Introduce your kids to the benefits of our Multi-grain Munchies to keep them away from junk food. While producing these healthy sweets, we made no nutritional compromises. Munchies are the best savoury treats for your kids because they are non-fried, wholegrain, and wonderfully delicious.

Timios Nutty and Berry bars are produced specifically for children and are designed to provide them with all of the natural energy they require. Our Energy Bars are a delicious combination of natural ingredients including dates, oats, honey, rice crispies, and a whole lot of love.The breakfast of champions - whole wheat cereal, made with the goodness of real strawberries. Our Cereal Crunchies make a crunchy treat for your children to munch on, or a wholesome meal, complete with milk. This cereal is rich in proteins and packed with soluble fibers.

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