ThriveCo Stretch Marks Expert Serum Cream | Combats and Improves Appearance of New and Old Stretchmarks | Powered by Striover, Rosehip Oil and Squalane| Vegan and Cruelty-free

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Colour: Off white
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  • Proven Results with Striover
  • POWERED BY: Striover, one of the best ingredients that reactivate, regenerate and redensify stretchmark fibroblasts. Rosehip Oil works by boosting collagen and elastin production. Squalane intensely hydrates the dry and stretched skin.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply a thin layer onto affected areas like arms, chest, stomach and buttocks. Massage in circular motions until completely absorbed. Apply twice daily.
  • EFFECTIVE AND CLEAN SKIN SCIENCE: ThriveCo believes in bringing comprehensive solutions based on science and advanced technology. As with all our products, Stretch Marks Expert is vegan, cruelty-free, dermat-tested, completely safe and effective.

Safety Information:

 For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Check for allergies. Discontinue use in case of irritation.

reduce Stretch mark cream best visible resuts
Benfits of stretch mark even skin tone
ThriveCo Stretch Mark Cream for pregnancy

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1. How to use Stretch Mark Expert cream ?

Apply and massage the Stretch Mark Expert Serum Cream on the focus areas. Use it twice daily for desired results

2. Can I use Stretch Marks Expert during pregnancy ?

Absolutely yes, Stretch Marks Expert is helpful during pregnancy as well as on pre & post-pregnancy belly. It lightens the appearance of stretchmarks.

3. Is the cream greasy ?

Stretch Marks Expert is a lightweight, highly spreadable serum cream. It is absolutely non- greasy.

4. How does the cream smell ?

The Serum Cream smells like citrus fruits, absolutely refreshing.

5. On which areas can I use this Serum Cream?

You can use our Stretch Marks Expert on any areas affected. Usually, on arms, breasts, thighs and hips. Also, it can be applied on red and white stretch marks.



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