Sim Mom Iq Chocolate 400G

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SimMom is an easy way to fulfil a mother's elevated nutritional requirements through birth or lactation (breastfeeding). With its full balanced nutrition filled with protein, vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients, it's the ideal supplement to your healthy diet. During breastfeeding or lactation, only two servings of SimMom a day will help reach 100 percent of the RDA for essential nutrients. It comes in two different flavours. During breastfeeding, enjoy vanilla delight and premium chocolate nutrition. During pregnancy, a lack of calories or macro- and micronutrients will lead to a shortage of building materials necessary for foetal growth. Lactation nutrition is essential (breastfeeding) SimMom contains essential foods for breastfeeding mothers. It also provides more nutrients and energy to assist you in caring for your new-born. Vanilla delight and luxury chocolate are the two delicious flavours available.

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