Safe-O-Kid - Unique High Density 2 mtr Long U - Shaped 2 Edge Guards with 8 Corner Cushions - Brown

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1. Premium Edge guard, effectively cover the sharp edges while retaining its flexibility and softness for enhanced protection 2. Thoroughly tested for high impact collisions (do not rupture) 3. Best Adhesives (do not come off easily yet do not leave stain/damage furniture/paint) 4. Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, odorless, dust-free and does not become sticky on prolonged use even in Indian heat 5. Flame Retardant/ Fire and water Resistance 6. Easy to Install and Remove. Reusable. 8. Vast Color and Design Choices to blend with furniture and/or room theme 9. Flexible shapes and sizes to fit all furniture types and dimensions How To Use Pre -install Safe-O-Edge with Corner Cushions .First install the corner cushions on all corners and then cut the edge guard into pieces to fit the space between corner cushions (see pic 1a). Safe-O-Edge without Corner Cushions. Mark each corner on edge guard and cut the extra material (approx. 90Deg) using sharp knife for proper fit (see pic 1b). Installation 1. Clean the sharp surface as well as Safe-o-Kids edge Cushions inner surfaces using any ordinary home cleaning solution. Wipe it dry. 2. Peel off the yellow backing layer of the double sided tape provided with the edge Cushion (see pic 2a) 4. Apply the tape to both inner surfaces of edge cushion (see pic 2b) 5. Remove the 3M backings from the surfaces of edge cushion (see pic 2c) 6.Carefully align the edge cushion so that it fits perfectly with the sharp surface without leaving any space (see pic 2d) 7. Press tightly and hold edge Cushion against the surface for at least one minute 8. Optionally, apply additional designer protection layer over the edge Cushion for additional strength, life and aesthetics. (see pic 2e) To Remove: - Start Removing edge Cushion carefully from any one of the edge. DO NOT Use any chemicals/ sharp tools. - Clean the surface with wet cloth, etc as suitable

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