Safe-O-Kid- Stroller Seat Cover Clips, Buggy Accessory for Baby, Black

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Made of non-toxic, durable materials. It is both light and flexible. Use these durable stroller clips to tie a breathable muslin swaddle to the pushchair canopy to protect your baby from the sun, wind, and insects. Prevent the blanket from sliding onto the wheels of the stroller. These handy clips keep stroller, pram, and buggy bedding from dragging in the dirt and help you save money on laundry. These handy clip hangers can ensure that you never lose your baby's bonnet, pacifier, sun hats, mittens, snacks, shoes, or favourite toys - items that babies sometimes throw or drop when out and about or in the car. It's easy to use. At one end of the film, there is a small hole for connecting a toy with a string or ribbon.

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