Safe-O-Kid Silicone Bug Shaped Corner Guards - Pack of 2

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1-Make Sure Your Baby Is Safe When Caring Corners are added, you can relax a bit more because kids are always in motion and there are sharp corners everywhere. The flexible ball form ensures that children can safely play around the building. 2-A Perfect Complement-2 Styles Protective Corners: 2 more coloured corner protectors with a cute ladybug pattern to brighten up the baby's room or nursery. Beautiful cartoon illustration to brighten a baby's room and make a kid happy. 3- Easy to Set Up & Take Down Corner protectors are tightly fastened with strong traceless double-sided adhesive tapes customised for the corner covers. It is simple to remove without causing damage to the furniture. Warnings and Tips: 1-This product is not a toy and should not be used without adult supervision. 2-The item cannot be washed in a machine. To clean, simply wash it with water or a mild soap and set it aside to dry in the shade. 3-Always hang after use so that it does not come into contact with water for an extended period of time, as this may harm the material. 4-Keep it away from sharp edges and don't let your child chew on it. 5-DO NOT put it around your child's neck. 6-If the product is damaged, you might want to stop using it.

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