Safe-O-Kid Silicone Baby Finger/ Mouth Toothbrush with Case Set for Babies

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How to Make Use of 1. Sterilize and clean Before using, soak the Safe-O-Finger Kid's Tooth Brush in hot water. 2. Simply place the brush on the index finger tip. 3. Brush your teeth and gums gently and slowly. 4. Thoroughly clean the product and store it. 1. Premium silicone construction is suitable for use in a baby's mouth. 2. Designed to clean both gums and teeth 3. Easy to use and adjust at the tip of a parent's finger 4. Easy to clean and sterilise after use Tips and Precautions 1. Before using the product, it should be thoroughly washed with hot water. 2. Store in a sanitary environment 3. Clean the whole mouth thoroughly while being gentle on baby teeth and gums. 4. This is not a tether, and the child does not chew on it.

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