Safe-O-Kid (Set of 1), Soft Cushioned 16.4 Ft / 5 Mtr Edge Guards with Strong 3M Adhesive, Safety for Sharp Edges for Babies- White

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Introducing the Safe-O-Kid Edge Guards, the perfect solution for parents worried about their little ones' safety. Our edge guards are made with high-quality materials and have been designed to provide excellent protection against injuries caused by sharp corners or edges.

Product Description


Safe-O-Kid Safety from Head Injury- Edge Guards for Kids

Let your baby crawl and walk freely in the house without worrying about them getting hurt by any sharp corner of the house furniture.

All parents want to provide their children with the most secure environment even in the home.

We do have some or the other kind of furniture in our house, which might have sharp corners/edges where the little ones are sure to gets bumps and injuries.

At times, the injuries can get severe, especially for kids and elderly people. You can easily cover up such edges with our Safe-O-Kid Edge Guards.

The thick foam of these guards absorbs impact and helps protect your little one from getting a serious injury. The double-stick 3M tape keeps these two-by-two-inch cushions in place. And, they also come in an attractive colors that may look even better on wood surfaces.

The generous size of the guard protects the babies from any sharp blows and bruises.



Made of high-quality foam material, our edge guards are soft and durable, stick very well, and are very elastic making them shock absorbent. It is made of strong material and is wear-resistant.

Incredible baby corner protector for kids prevents unwanted injuries, bumps & bruises to the baby while she accidentally bangs her head on a furniture's sharp corners.

No heavy metals and latex-free ensure the safety of your child; very easy to install.

Original 3M adhesive tape secures well onto the edges, the soft resilient large design absorbs the impact effectively. It can also be easily removed, without leaving any residue behind.

Generously thick child safety sharp edge covers offer sufficient resilience & desirable safety. Density is more important than thickness when it comes to softening impact.




The material used is cushion enough to protect and keep a child safe. Considering how curious children can be, the material is safe from toxic chemicals.

The usage of the edge guards is not restricted to glass or wooden furniture, they are compatible with most surfaces, and makes them multi-purpose and versatile.

The material of the edge guards makes them sturdy and solid, so that they can withstand moisture, extreme conditions, and wear and tear, making them to last-long for many years.



1. Clean the surface.

2. Let the surface dry completely.

3. Stick the provided 3M tape on the guard, then to the edges.

4. Tear off the backing paper on the tape.

5. With a scissor, cut a triangle on the strip, where you want it to bend.

6. Stick and press it hard.

7. Press and hold each side firmly for at least 60 seconds. Wait at least 24-48 hours for full adhesion before testing.




Thick and soft foamy cushion-like material easily absorbs high impacts and gets back to its real shape. This foam-like material keeps your baby safe from any untoward incident.

Multipurpose Super Thick and Soft Material.

Prevents from edges of tables, TV cabinet, bed, wardrobe, cabinets, centre table, and other furniture.

It cushions sharp edges and corners for safer homes, offices, schools, senior homes, and all living and working environments.

Why choose Corner Guards?








Simply cut with scissors to fit your furniture. Apply in seconds. No tools required; helps to cover most of the surface area in no time!

What is an Edge Guard, Who Needs it, and Why?

Once your child is on the move, there’s no stopping his/her curiosity! To keep your little one out of trouble, you’ll need to baby-proof your home.

The Edge Guards protect your child from harmful sharp edges. The rounded protectors are designed to wrap around furniture edges to offer true protection. The High Definition and Premium Soft Cushions absorb impact and protect your child from tough, sharp corners & borders/edges of the house furniture.

The material is non-toxic and the design offers full coverage of sharp corners & edges. They also come in 5-6 attractive colors.

These protectors can also protect furniture from collisions when you move your furniture.

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