Safe-O-Kid- Pure Metal Baby Safety Gate (75-115 cm), Adjustable, 2 Way Auto Close, Barrier for Stairs, Door and Hallways, Dog/Pet Barrier Fence-Brown

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Now that your baby is on the move, the Safe-O-Kid Child Safety Gate makes it simple to create child-friendly areas within your home. You can use between rooms, doorways, or stairs easily. Product Features: Tools-free design for a quick and easy install One-hand dual-action open Pressure mount design avoids damage to walls Easy for parents to open, tough for little ones the gate is ~29 inches high and can be adjusted from 29" to 46” inches for doorways of varying widths throughout your home.

Product Description


Safe, Simple & Convenient

Your baby remains confined to the spaces that you want them to be in without the risk of getting hurt

The Baby Safety Gate helps you in giving your child the freedom to play, have fun, explore and learn, all while being within your range of easy monitoring

You can get in and out of the gate with a ‘single-handed’ move, while the baby may not be able to easily figure out the lock mechanism

Attain your peace of mind as your baby attains security with the safety gate




A safety gate is a protective barrier designed to prevent babies and toddlers from accessing areas of a home where they might be unsafe.

The gate is ~29 inches high and can be adjusted from 29" to 35” inches for doorways of varying widths throughout your home. Extends the width of your safety gate.

Easy to install, no tools required.

Pressure mount design helps to avoid damage to walls.

Easy for parents to open, tough for little ones. Double locking/opening device, safe and

convenient for adults to open, but children find it difficult to open.


Nylon Cable



Easy Installation

The Baby Safety Gate is extremely easy to install!

A ‘no-tools required’ installation helps you set it up as soon as you get your hands on it

You can use it on any door or opening that is between 29 to 35 inches wide


Walk-through gate

This walk-through gate makes it easy to get around the house for use between rooms, with no need to reinstall it each time you pass by.

Since the gate holds up using a vacuum suction mechanism, it is extremely sturdy and will not give in to the baby’s force

The pressure mount system helps keep your wall or door frame surfaces intact, as no drill holes or screws are required in the fixing of the gate


Why Your Child Needs It?

It is your answer to your baby safety needs!

The Baby Safety Gate helps you keep your child confined in a space without making them feel like they are trapped.

Keeping the unsafe spaces out of reach of your little explorer is a real possibility with the help of the safety gate

Your home becomes a truly safe haven for your little baby!

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