Safe-O-Kid- Pack of 8 Fit All Sleek Design Strong Silicone Door Stopper- Black

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Product Features: 1-Made of silicone 2-Light weight and non-toxic - fits all door sizes effectively, 3-Does not damage paint, enhances decor - tested for heaviest door slams by baby safety Inc. (USA) 3-Effective safety for injuries to little finger and accidental lockups 4-No installation required 5-completely reusable How to use. Safe-O-Kid's finger protector is placed on the outer edge of the door (opposite side to the hinge). When in place it will not let the door close completely saving children from accidently pinching/injuring their fingers. To close the door completely, simply remove the finger protector and hang it on the door knob/handle caution and tips. This product is not a toy, and not a substitute for adult supervision. This is not a tether and chewing on it by the child must be avoided. If possible, for better utility, install the product at such a height that child cannot easily reach. Before buying the finger protector, measure the width of the door edge and check with dimensions of finger protector. Consult baby safety experts for right finger protector for your door. You may want to discontinue the use of product after your child has reached an age where he/she can remove it alone. To avoid loss, always hang it on the door handle/knobs when not in use.

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