Safe-O-Kid Pack of 8 - Finger Injury Safety - Reliable Auto Mechanism Drawer Door Guard- White

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Product Features - Made of High- ABS, Unbreakable, Sleek Design - Easy to Install, No Tools Required - 3Adhesive does not come off easily - Auto Play Mechanism provides effective Safety for Little Finger from Drawers - Completely Reusable How to Use 1. Remove the 3M tape of the Safe-O-Kids' drawer finger pinch guard 2. Clean the surface thoroughly and stick this such the movable part hangs downwards and outwards blocking the complete closing of any drawers/ doors below it. 3. To close: simply pull out and up the hanging part of the drawer finger pinch guard, close and let it hang again 4. To remove - Pull out the stuck portion slowly without using any sharp tools. Clean any adhesive with regular home cleaning solutions. Caution & Tips 1. This product is not a toy, and not a substitute for adult supervision 2. Consult baby safety experts for the right finger protector for your furniture 3. Do not use on the oily and heated surface. Thoroughly clean the surfaces before sticking the product and try not to operate this for 24 hours. 4. You may want to discontinue the use of the product after your child has reached an age where he/she can operate it alone

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