Safe-O-Kid - Pack of 2- Elegant Child Safety Eudemon Lock - White

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"Product Feature- 1.Multipurpose, fits all shapes/ sizes, open from both ends. 2. Elegant, blends with any décor at your home. 3. Durable locking mechanism (Does not break or fail). 4. Completely toolless installation, 100% reuseable. 5. Lock & tape made of best . Caution & Tips- 1.This product is not a toy, and not a substitute for adult supervision 2. If possible, for better utility, install the product at such a height that child cannot easily reach 3. Do not try to force open the doors/drawers when lock is installed and is in closed position as it might damage the product (although light force from child will not damage this) 4. Make sure the fixe part of the lock (in this case left) is stuck to the door which is generally in use. Also, before sticking make sure that the moving part of the lock has enough space for opening/closing and no handles/other surface is interfering. 5. Before sticking the ends of the lock on surface, make sure both ends are aligned properly and as required. 6. Do not use on oily and heated surface. Do not use when lock and/or adhesive is damaged 7. You may want to discontinue the use of product after your child has reached an age where he/she can remove it alone" How To Use 1. Clean the surface where you want to put the Safe-O-Lock with an ordinary home cleaning solution. Wipe it dry. 2. Peel the paper backing of the double sided tape from one end of the Safe-o-Lock and put it in place 3. Align the other end of Safe-o-Lock on the other side making it sturdy and peel the backing off and put it in place 4. Press both ends for 1 minute and leave it for 24 hours before you operate 5. To remove: Remove Safe-O-Lock carefully from both the side. DO NOT Use any chemicals/ sharp tools. Clean the surface with wet cloth, etc. as suitable. Use new set of Double Sided tapes to reuse.

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