SAFE-O-KID- Pack of 1- Crawling Baby, Toddler, Infant Anti-Slip Elbow and Knee Pads/Guards-Dark Grey

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Why Get Safe-O-Kid Baby Knee Pads for Your Child?You may have the perfect soft carpeted flooring and still your child feels uneasy when he crawls on his knees. Other people might have a hardwood flooring or tiles and it could again be uncomfortable for a little crawler. You have come to the right place to find the right pair of knee/elbow pads for your child.Keep on CrawlingFrom pebbles to rough rugs, the world is full of obstacles and little ones on the move need all the help they can get. Our knee pads are designed to help protect them as they make their first scoots and steps up until they're ready to run and explore the great big world around them! Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these adorable bandage-themed knee pads keep your baby's soft knees from getting bumped, bruised, and scratched. Features:Made with high elastic sponge, very breathable, absorb sweat, odour-free, and soft to wear.Protect the baby's knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling and learning to walk.A very practical product for the rapid growth in babies.It’s flexible, comfortable, and comes in 5 color options.Also, a perfect gift for your friends with babies.

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