Safe-O-Kid - Fit-All, Velcro Based, Sleek Wedge Shaped Sliding Door/Window Lock

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How to Make Use of 1. Use an ordinary home cleaning solution to clean the surface where you want to place the Safe-O-Lock. Dry it with a clean cloth. 2. Remove the tape's paper backing and stick it in place (see installation instructions in images) 4. Wait 24 hours after pressing the Safe-O-Lock for 1 minute before operating. 5. Refer to the photos for operating instructions. 6. To get rid of: Carefully remove Safe-O-Lock from both sides. DO NOT USE ANY SHARPNESS OR Additives. Clean the surface with a damp cloth, if necessary. To reuse, get a new collection of Double Sided tapes. Features of the Product 1. A high-quality polymer was used to create a durable build. 2. Sleek Wedge-Shaped Style 3. No tools are available for installation (no screws and no drilling) 4. It's reusable 5. Velcro of Superior Quality Used to ensure a stable service. It is difficult for children to work, but it is not a problem for adults. Tips and Precautions 1.This item is not a toy and should not be used without adult supervision. 2. If necessary, mount the device at a height where a child cannot easily access it for maximum usefulness. 3. When the lock is mounted and in the engaged position, do not attempt to force open the doors/windows as this can harm the product (although light force from child will not damage this). 4.Make sure the window is fully closed and the lock is in the desired place before placing it on the surface. Taking it off after sticking it for the first time can harm the adhesive and reduce the level of protection. If the adhesive is damaged, order new tapes before using it. 5. Talk to a baby protection specialist about the best locks for your furniture and appliances. 6. Do not use on a hot or sticky surface. If the lock and/or adhesive are broken, do not use it. 7. Once your child has reached the age that he or she may remove the substance on his or her own, you might choose to stop using it. 8. When disengaging, be careful not to lose the wedge-shaped top piece.

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