SAFE-O-KID Designer Bed Rail Guard (5 Ft*2.1 FT),Fit-All, Adjustable, Up & Down, 1.5MTR (60 * 25 Inch/152 * 63 cms),Blue,Pack of 2

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Caution & Tips- This product is not a substitute for adult supervision 2. This product is not a swing and children should avoid leaning and hanging on it 3. When not in use, always fold upside down 4. Fabric is completely washable - wash when necessary with mild soap 5. Use provided screws to attach bed rail to bed more firmly. The screws will not damage the wooden bed in any way. 6. Make sure all parts are properly fixed before starting to use it - specially check if there is any space between in the mattress top layer and below the mesh such that child can roll out. If so, either install correctly or discontinue use. 7. Use multiple bed rails as needed.

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