Safe-O-Kid Baby Neck Support Pillow/Seat Belt Mounted Pillow for Toddlers

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Detach the Velcro covering from the pillow to open it. Wrap the pillow around the car seat belt and reattach the Velcro covering so the pillow is snug. Place your toddler in the car seat and fasten the seat belt as normal. Adjust the pillow's angle so that Toddles' head can lie comfortably on it. Toddlers can no longer stop wearing seat belts. Keeps a toddler's seatbelt free from his or her neck and face. Allows them to feel more relaxed to sleep during car rides while still wearing their seat belts. Suede is a soft and comfortable material. One size suits all and can be used with any seat belt in any vehicle. Washable from top to bottom. It can be used as a standard pillow safety measure. Be sure the seat belt is securely fastened.

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