Safe-O-Kid- All-in-One Bottle Nipple and Straw Cleaning Kit

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1-Cleaning Kit (All-in-One) 2-Bottle, eat, and straw 3-Handle that can be removed 4-It Lasts A Long Time 5-Include a hanger loop. Warnings and Recommendations - 1. Please hang all loose parts to prevent them from being lost and to keep them dry and sanitary. 2. Before using the brush heads, thoroughly clean them. 3. Avoid sterilisation 4. Always use child-safe cleaning agents and make sure they are fully cleaned. 5. Pay particular attention to thoroughly cleaning teats/straws as they are frequently infection-prone; however, use the supplied attachments with caution so as not to interfere with the teat hole or flow rate. 6. Do not scrub other utensils with the same brushes.

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