Safe O Kid Adjustable Medium Multi Purpose Child Safety Lock, Grey, Pack of 2

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Multi-Purpose, Adjustable, Fits All Shapes/Sizes::Elegant Design, Blends With Any Decor At Your Home::Durable Locking Mechanism (Does Not Break Or Fail)::Completely Toolless Installation, 100% Reusable::Lock & Tape Made Of Material By Baby Safety Inc (Usa) How To Use 1. Clean the surface where you want to put the Safe-O-Lock with an ordinary home cleaning solution. Wipe it dry. 2. Peel the paper backing of the double sided tape from one end of the Safe-o-Lock and put it in place 3. Align the other end of Safe-o-Lock on the other side making it sturdy and peel the backing off and put it in place 4. Press both end for 1 minute and leave it for 24 hours before you operate 5. To remove: Remove Safe-O-Lock carefully from both the side. DO NOT Use any chemicals/ sharp tools. Clean the surface with wet cloth, etc. as suitable. Use new set of Double Sided tapes to reuse.

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