Safe-O-Kid 4 Gas Stove Knob Covers/Guards, Indoor Baby Safety, Transparent, Pack of 4

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Product Features - Made of Heat resistant Durable Non-Toxic Plastic - Prevents children from accidentally turning ON the gas knob - Easy to Install and Remove for regular maintenance of gas stove - Easy to operate for parents but tricky for kids - Transparent design so you always know knob position and avoid misjudgement - Blends with kitchen decor How to Use 1. Use a screwdriver to remove the gas knob 2. Open the stove knob guard and put it on. If the model has come with tapes, stick the gas knob guard on to the stove (after cleaning stove thoroughly). 3. Replace the gas knob and put the screws on 4. Close the upper lid of gas knob guard when gas knob is not in use 5. Open the upper lid and operate the gas knob Caution & Tips 1. This product is not a substitute for adult supervision 2. Make sure gas knob is removed and replaced properly. Use help if you are not confident 3. Always close the upper lid when gas knob is not to be used so as to avoid children from using it 4. Always double check that gas knob has been turned to OFF position when gas is not in use 5. Never put the guard near direct flames 6. Stop using immediately if the guard is interfering with regular operation of the gas knob

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