Ruskin Bond - Tales Franceom The Childhood

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Mukesh and his friends decide to start a zoo in the first storey. At the little zoo, the laundryman's donkey, a rabbit, a pet parrot, and a dog are put on show. What adventures and misadventures do the zoo and its owners have in store? Story 2: Nathu, the bank's sweeper-boy, is irritated because he hasn't been paid in two months, complains his pal. Whispers spread, and soon the whole town believes the bank has gone bankrupt! How did Nathu's concerns lead to the bank's permanent closure? 3rd Story Romi hires Hari Singh, a young cook and companion, as his cook and companion. Hari, on the other hand, is up to no good. Will Hari ever understand the true meaning of love, loyalty, and trust? These three amusing characters

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