Ruskin Bond - Stories Of Wisdom Paperback

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Story 1 Bisnu and his family face trouble during a long, dry summer in the remote hills. Bisnu sets out for the city with no hope in sight. Bisnu finds work in Mussoorie, but soon discovers that the callous, insensitive city is nothing like the caring nooks of his small village. What path will Bisnu's destiny take him? Story 2 For Vijay, the town shops' juicy, ripe fruits and delectable confectioneries are a constant source of longing. Then one day, a rich boy holding a bag of sweets follows Vijay around with a kind smile, restoring his faith in humanity. Will a rich boy's kindness finally allow Vijay to sample the delectable treats? Here are two beautifully illustrated books.Ruskin Bond's heartwarming stories capture the Himalayan foothills' and people's seemingly ordinary, but distinct qualities.

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