R For Rabbit Upsy Daisy Smart Hip Seat Baby Carrier

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Color: Gray & Cream
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Baby CARRIER R for Rabbit UPSY DAISY SMART HIP SEAT The Upsy Daisy is a modern baby carrier that can be used anytime and wherever you need it. This is a stylish, ergonomic baby carrier that can be used for a long time thanks to the waist belt and shoulder straps. Children between the ages of three and twenty-four months will use it. The Baby Carrier allows you to be in direct touch with your baby from the start, reinforcing the parent-child relationship. You hold your infant tight to your heart and high up on your chest. There are several carriers on the market that are accused of leading to hip dysplasia and causing excessive pressure on the baby's back, so pick one that provides a healthy and natural location for the baby when being held. The infant will be comfortable thanks to the flexible carrier and breathable materials, while the adult will be comfortable thanks to the padded shoulder belts and hip seat.

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