Putchi Skin Nakd Non Padded Maternity Bamboo Bra

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Bamboo Non Padded Bra  -Non Wired Bra - Putchi Nakd

How does the Putchi Nakd Bamboo Non Padded Bra make you feel?

Putchi Nakd Bamboo Non-Padded Bra feels extremely soft and extra stretchable. The bra feels snug, secure, and cool while you move. The smooth, lightweight PURE BAMBOO fabric & extra stretch design wicks sweat to help keep you dry and odour free. Moves with your body and is apt to wear under any clothing. SO No wonder you will FEEL LIKE WEARING NOTHING. 

What makes Putchi Nakd Bamboo Non-Padded Bra worth the try or switch?

  • PROTECTS YOUR SKIN, BREAST & NIPPLES Putchi Nakd Bamboo Intimate wear has non-padded, wire-free, seamed cups that protect your sensitive breast and nipple skin. It has a low impact double layered front panel for added comfort. This is just what you need for your sore breasts.       
  • FIT- MOVES WITH YOUR BODY: We know, no breast is the same. Breasts come in all sizes and shapes, so we've made this PURE BAMBOO bra very stretchy & full coverage to prevent spillover and adapt to your body as you move.   
  • HYPOALLERGENIC- BOON TO PEOPLE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN: Our Bamboo intimate wear is extremely hypoallergenic ( antifungal, antimicrobial), so it does not trigger any allergic reactions. Micro pores absorb & evaporate sweat better than cotton, making you feel fresh throughout the day.                                                                                                          
  • FEEL BOLD & CONFIDENT WITH CUTTING EDGE MODERN DESIGN: Soft and bold shoulder strap for zero impression that is easily adjustable. Provides  Full support and Full cup coverage, wide button with 3 hooks for the best hold. Soft bottom band elastic and wider straps. Feeding snaps are so easy to use. 
  • FABRIC- BAMBOO THE BEST FABRIC CHOICE FOR YOUR SKIN: Putchi Nakd is Engineered with  92% Bamboo, and 8% Elastane.  By far the most sustainable and eco-friendly product with so many benefits over cotton. There are no harmful chemicals used in processing 
  • DURABLE AND LASTING Putchi Nakd Bamboo intimate wear outlasts the most competent organic cotton in keeping shape, strength, and durability three times over any other fabric. Best in class. Will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe and life.

Is Putchi Nakd Bamboo Non-Padded Bra the best maternity ever made?

BY Far is the best in the market. It is very important to choose a non-wired maternity bra because it prevents the restriction of milk flow that causes mastitis. Full-coverage maternity bras like ours are best because they have the maximum support. Breastfeeding access via clasps that can be pulled down. Putchi has done R&D for more than a year and developed the Putchi Nakd Bamboo Intimatewear keeping in mind the comfort and ease of maternity and breastfeeding. 

Wash Care Instructions 

Hand Wash / Machine Wash in a normal cycle. Bamboo fabrics maintain their special qualities when washed in cold to warm water (up to 40 degrees Celsius) with a gentle detergent, free of bleach. For machine wash, use normal/gentle cycles and dry in a cool setting in machine dryers. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean, Do not wring.


Are nursing bras really necessary?
Nursing bras offer you extra comfort while you are in your breastfeeding phase of motherhood. They make your motherhood hassle-free. Some bras are really uncomfortable when it comes to breastfeeding, if your wardrobe collection has a nursing bra it would be really helpful.

Can you wear a regular bra while nursing?
It is absolutely okay to wear a regular bra while nursing, but it is more comfortable to wear a nursing bra as it has the added advantage and makes motherhood a lot easier

Can you wear a maternity bra for regular use?
It is best to wear a maternity bra for normal use, it is more comfortable than a normal bra as it has the added advantage of its design keeping mothers and babies in mind. NO harmful chemicals, extra stretch, feel free with a snap and the list goes endless.

What is the best maternity bra?
-It is important to choose the non-wired maternity bra because it prevents the restriction of milk flow that causes mastitis. And full coverage maternity bras are best because they have the maximum support.

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