Putchi Bamboo compression socks (Pack of 2 )& Foot Spa (Pack of 1) - Foot Therapy Pain Relief Combo

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Comfort your feet with our luxurious foot soak, a restorative treatment with soothing aromatherapy that can be enjoyed anytime. Natural detox for your heels and skin, this intense volumizing formula encourages healthy circulation and encourages more breathable. A pack contain 4 lavender, rose, clove, pepper mint which makes you refreshing and relieving from stress.

India's best & exclusive Uni-Sex Bamboo Compression Socks. Designed with an Optimal pressure of (15-20)mmgh. Made of pure Bamboo, it's anti-fungal and anti-odor prevents fungal infections and sweat-related infections. Its Anti-slip technology grips well and can be used in the house and outdoors for sports and yoga. The ideal pressure point reduces leg pain and swelling in pregnant women and working professionals alike. It can be used for cold feet in bed or to lounge at home or to work or work out. Perfect socks for doctors and other professionals who have long-standing working hours. Putchi's bamboo compression socks regulate blood flow, reduce swelling and ease pain. Its a warm hug for your leg.

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