Putchi Thigh Rub Prevention - Anti Chafing Shorts (Pack of 1,3,5)

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Thigh Rub Prevention - Anti Chafing Shorts (Pack of 1,3,5)
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Protect your thighs from rubbing against each other. This barrier prevents chafing and stops the itchy, uncomfortable sensation that some materials or outfits make on your skin. Anti-chafe shorts are no average bike shorts!

Putchi -Chub rub shorts (AKA, anti-thigh-chafing shorts) prevent painful inner thigh chafing and are one of the most effective chub rub prevention products on the market. Chub rub shorts don't just treat chafing, they actually prevent it!


Designed and developed by Putchi - to wear under KURTIS, DRESSES, SALWAR SUITS, or ANY OF YOUR WESTERN, OR INDIAN OUTFITS.  Can be used for Jogging, walking, Yoga, and much more.  Protects your thighs from rubbing against each other and stops the pain. Now you can confidentially go out for a walk without any pain. 

  • Prevents Thigh Chafing Pain, Seamless & Smooth, - Wear this to prevent chafing inner thighs when you walk or run, or do exercise, really soft and comfortable hand-feel.
  • Comfortable to Wear, Absorbs Thigh Sweat - Featuring a new zero transparency 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex fabric blend. It is quick to dry and breathable providing a beautiful appearance with its fashion style.
  • Soft on Thigh Skin, Breathable - Thigh rub shorts anti-chafing is made with soft, durable cotton. Enjoy a grease-free, chemical-free solution to protect your skin from the inconvenience of chafing legs and chafing between thighs and let you have beautiful thighs.
  • Super Stretchy - Strech with your body, Mid-Length Light Weight Shorts - Thigh chafing shorts offers a lightweight and fashionable alternative to using bulky anti-chafing shorts or anti-chafing underwear while still solving the problem of chafing inner thighs.
  • Use for any occasion - Active Yoga, Stretch Bike Short, Fits for Any Occasions - The relaxing and comfortable feeling enables you to have it on your body for a long period of time at parties and even for the whole night. Your body stays in shape and gives a smooth shape
  • Shape Wear for your Body: Can be used as shapewear, to get the perfect shape under any outfit. 


Fit Type and Spec:

Fit- Extra Stretch, MID Length


Packs - Pack of 1, 3, 5

Comes different sizes- Use your intimate wear size. 

Maternity Friendly: Covers bump or belly

Shape Wear: Can be used as a shapewear 

No Exchanges or returns on this product, double check your size before buying- intimate wear sizing. 

Made in INDIA by Putchi :

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