Pristine Lil'Spa - Natural Baby Massage Oil 100 Ml

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Pristine Organics Lil' Spa Baby Massage Oil is a sesame-based oil infused with herbal herbs recommended in ancient texts. Its components are organically processed, retaining all of the vitamins and anti-oxidants. In today's country, it's great for babies growing up. Massage with Organic Baby Massage Oil on a daily basis strengthens the child's skin texture, muscle tone, and overall growth and development. Making the correct decision in today's industry, which is flooded with infant care goods, can be overwhelming when you're walking the tightrope between parabens and silicone, dyes and allergens, phthalates and SLS. In India, there is a lack of knowledge about organic baby care goods. It's not surprising, given that many Indian babies still get a lot of natural care at home, thanks to besan, ubtans, turmeric, milk creams, coconut, and Tulsi oils. However, considering the fast-paced Indian lifestyle and limited time, many parents are searching for clean, chemical-free baby care items that are ready to use. Natural infant care products, unlike traditional baby care products, are made with special care and are free of toxic contaminants because what goes on the baby's face and mouth also goes into their bodies.

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