Pola Puzzles Jungle Puzzle Combo 3 In 1 Gift Pack 60 Pieces Tiling Puzzles (Jigsaw Puzzles, Puzzles For Kids, Floor Puzzles), Puzzles For Kids Age 5 Years And Above. Size: 37 Cm X 24 Cm Puzzles For Kids For Age 5 Yr Old

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Introduce the children to POLA Jungle Party Puzzles and let them explore the world's biggest and most exotic animals in a way they've never seen before. These wonderfully engineered one-of-a-kind puzzle pieces will engage children's senses not just physically but also mentally. Engage them in a mind-blowing and amazing game of POLA Puzzles to introduce them to familiar animals. The Jungle World, Jungle Party, and Jungle Safari puzzles come with a collection of three thrilling themes. They are appropriate for children aged 5 and up.

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