Planet of Toys Set of 54 Pcs in 12 Color Wooden Block Stacking Tumbling Tower Game for Kids

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Toy Planet is a website devoted to everything to do with toys. Presents the wooden blocks in a solid construction, then takes turns removing each block one at a time until the stack collapses. The last person to put a block on without causing it to fall is the winner. A Traditional Tumbling Tower Game for Boys and Girls, Kids and Adults, Families, and Parties. If you take a piece from the Tower and it falls, you are out of the game. Construction is made of solid hardwood. Make one-of-a-kind wooden block models. The game begins with a roll of the dice. Enhances critical thinking, inventiveness, and balancing skills. Suitable for children aged 6 and up. The set comes with 54 wooden bricks and one die.

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