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What makes anything magical?
Color within the twists and swirls of the shiny embossed outline to make a neat and colourful picture.

Glitter Coloring: Use any colour you choose to paint within the sparkling glitter outlines and see what you come up with.

Magic Painting: Using a wet brush, select colours from the provided palette and paint the picture as you see fit.

Mystic Pencil: Rub the picture with a pencil to see the hidden bits mysteriously exposed! Then go ahead and colour the picture.Stickers: Have fun with two pages full of colourful stickers and paste in the book to make your own magical story.

Benefits of Colouring Book:
• Increases Concentration
• Aids Fine Motor Skills
• Encourages Colour Awareness
• Stimulates Creative Thinking

This Pack : 36 Pages and 2 Sticker Pages

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