Pigeon SofTouch Glass bottle with Nipple, 3+ month , Green, 240ml

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Are you having problems in bottle-feeding your new born? Pigeon 240ml WN Nursing Bottle Plus Type Nipple comes in handy for mothers who want to feed their babies using a bottle in a hassle-free manner. This feeding bottle by Pigeon has been designed to motivate the natural movement of your babys tongue. Made of high-quality sturdy plastic, this product is extremely lightweight. This feature makes this product a good companion for the mothers. They can carry it wherever they want to by putting it inside their bags.Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, Pigeon Nursing Bottle Plus Type Nipple has a wide neck that makes it easy for the moms to prepare the formula milk easily for their babies. You can even arrange the whole thing without causing any type of unwanted messes and spills.This nursing bottle comes with a super-soft silicone rubber that provides perfect elasticity and softness. Presence of silicone rubber in the bottle makes it easier for your baby to latch on it comfortably. The silicone fits perfectly onto your babys tongue that helps in soft tongue movements and it also lessens the intake of air. The nipple of this feeding bottle has a wide base that helps the little ones in opening and closing their mouths widely leading to swift peristaltic motion. The bottle is of streamlined shape that helps mothers to have a proper grip of the bottle. If the bottle gets dirty, you can clean it efficiently.This product is ideal for 3-year babies and more and also quite convenient to use for the mothers. As breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby, you should opt for this product to help them lead a healthy life.

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