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The space encyclopaedia has made every attempt to be as informative as possible for young learners. What was there and how was it in the beginning? Even the sky has its own storey to tell. And things don't stop at our interpretation of the world. How much can really be known about a topic that has piqued the attention of the human mind for billions of years? However, after thorough and systematic analysis, this book should be able to edify the reader about the facts of space to a significant degree. Is gravity going to stay on all the time? br> "

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Space encyclopedia has tried its best to be as all-inclusive as possible for young learning enthusiasts. In the beginning what was there and how it was? Even the sky keeps its own history. And things don't end where our knowledge about the universe ends. How much can really be gathered about a subject that has provoked the human mind into study and exploration from billions of years ago? But this book - after a careful and systematic research - will hopefully succeed in edifying the learner about the facts of the space to a significant degree. Will the gravity always remain switched on?




Well researched facts

The book comprises of significant findings and interesting facts for the curious minds. This

volume contains fun facts which make the book interesting and engaging. For the benefit of the young readers, the authors have also incorporated a glossary of difficulty terminologies.

Foil on cover

There are 120 pages. The book has a foil throughout the cover which gives it a premium and attractive look. The pages of the book are thick and of very good quality. The Binding is sturdy so makes the book long lasting.

Asset to your child’s collection

The language is easy to comprehend and the graphics are lively and alluring. Books contain

hundreds of colourful images that render realism to the text. Improves their general knowledge and develops cognitive skills.

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