Pegasus Quantative Reasoning - Grade 1 Paperback

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Quantative Reasoning Book will help young students develop their mathematical reasoning skills. This workbook emphasises application-based learning to help children develop their understanding of different mathematical concepts. Students are guided by examples in each chapter. The book contains practise question sets that students can complete on their own to bring their skills to the test. Inhibits the use of logic to solve equations. Students are challenged by a number of questions in this analytic, application-based approach to learning.

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These series of books are fun filled treasure houses of assignments that entertain as well as enhance the logical reasoning power of the child. The quantitative reasoning workbook is a collection of fun activities that will encourage your child to learn. This book offers exercises such as finding the missing number, skip counting, backward counting, mixed numbers and a lot more These concepts are presented with lucid, visual examples, giving the child ample scope to practice. Additional questions in the form of practice test papers have also been provided in the book.




Contains test papers

The book aims to provide exam like experience. There are more than 1000 questions to solve and is designed as per international curriculum.

Beautifully designed

There are 112 pages in the book. Foil on the cover makes it attractive for display. The book is highly durable and long lasting.

Helps in growth of children

This quantitative reasoning book develops fine motor skills in your child. Encourages application-based learning and enhances verbal analytical skills.

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