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The Ocean World Encyclopedia emphasises not just how the long-division of oceans across continents has been delineated, but also how the resulting processes, consciously or unknowingly, have influenced the atmosphere we live in. The ocean water is a stunning shade of blue! Yeah, indeed. What, on the other hand, causes it to be Blue? Why aren't the salty waters of the ocean drinkable? Aside from those seldom asked questions, learn about some awesome aquatic creatures such as red lionfish, Spanish dancer, and barndoor skate.

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Ocean world encyclopedia emphasises on how not only the division of oceans long vast around the continents has been delineated but also that how the related phenomena, knowingly or unknowingly, has affected the environment we live in. Ocean water is beautifully Blue! Yes. But what causes it Blue? Ocean saline waters are not potable but why so? Besides such rarely heeded questions, also get to know about some amazing species from the underwater world such as red lionfish, Spanish dancer, barndoor skate.




Well researched facts

The book comprises of significant findings and interesting facts for the curious minds. This

volume contains fun facts which make the book interesting and engaging. For the benefit of the young readers, the authors have also incorporated a glossary of difficulty terminologies

Foil on cover

There are 120 pages. The book has a foil throughout the cover which gives it a premium and attractive look. The pages of the book are thick and of very good quality. The Binding is sturdy so makes the book long lasting.

Asset to your child’s collection

The language is easy to comprehend and the graphics are lively and alluring. Books contain

hundreds of colourful images that render realism to the text. Improves their general knowledge and develops cognitive skills.

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