Pegasus Jungle - 3D Pop-Up Book

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This is a book that blends beautiful, fascinating content with real pictures that pop out of the pages to make learning a magical and healthy experience for young children. It improves learning by using the VAK (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) model. It assesses and promotes reading readiness as well as vocabulary.

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Here is a series of books that combine amazing, interesting information and real pictures that pop out of the pages to make learning a wondrous and wholesome for young learners. It is based on VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) model & enhances the learning experience. It gauges and encourages reading readiness & vocabulary.




Good Paper Quality:

The paper quality is very nice and the pop up is effortless. The toddlers can go to and fro in the book easily and play with the book while learning

Pop Up Book

This book catches attention of kids as they feel characters have come alive and they develop interest in listening to the story and eventually build there interest in reading books

Simple language and attractive illustrations

The sensory skills of the kids is most active during this age, they observe and learn a lot, with simple language and cute picture illustrations they develop ear- eye coordination and enhance vocabulary. This book is a perfect gift for toddlers!


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