Pegasus Finding Franceiends In Franceance - A Travel Experience Guide For Children

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Globetrotters is a television series that explores a group of young people as they transition from pre-adolescence to adolescence. Other characters such as wandy, fooju, Clara, and Sandra, who trigger big plot twists throughout the novel, are mostly narrated by Sarah. They're members of Tal (short for travel and learn), the Beech Groove Academy's only elite travel club. The dramatis personae's imaginations and gestures are beautifully portrayed in the illustrations. Be inspired by the protagonists as they journey to amazing locations - not just for fun, but also to improve the environment.

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Globetrotters is a series which accounts the different journeys taken by a group of enthusiasts who are transiting from pre-adolescence into teenage years. Mostly narrated by Sarah, there are other characters as well- Wandy, Fooju, Clara and Sandra who cause major turns in the stories throughout. They are members of TAL (short for Travel And Learn): the only elite travel club at the Beech Groove Academy. Illustrations vividly convey the imaginations and expressions of the dramatis personae. Be motivated with the protagonists as they travel to wonderful places- not only for fun but also to make this world a better place.




Simple language and attractive illustrations

Finding Friends in France is considered to be as high on learning. The book is beautifully designed and illustrated. Perfect for growing readers.

Easy to Comprehend

This is a great way to introduce about any country. Helps in building cognitive skills along with that reading and language skills. All the facts mentioned in the book are well researched.

Premium Quality Book

The book is highly durable and long lasting. There is a map of France on the last page of the book and the things to do in Paris is also listed. It is must have for parents who want to develop early reading.

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