Pampers All round Protection Diaper Pants

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Size: XL
Counts: Count 56
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In India, Pampers All-Round Safety Pants are the only ANTI-RASH Diaper Pants. Lotion of Aloe vera in newborn baby diapers helps shield the baby's sensitive skin from diaper rash and itching. Best diapers with Ultra Absorb Core give your baby a different kind of overnight dryness: breathable dryness. The magic gel absorbs moisture and keeps you dry for up to 12 hours.The new and updated fabric design allows for a more relaxed fit that is similar to the baby's body, as well as a flexible waist belt that adapts to the baby's movements. A top sheet made of lightweight cotton-like material ensures a restful night's sleep. Our colourful exterior graphics, fun designs, and characters ensure that you have a good time with your baby.

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