Nestle NANGROW, Nutritious Milk Drink for Growing Children (2-5 years), 400g Bag-In-Box Pack (Creamy Vanilla)

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Nestle NANGROW contains essential nutrients that help support your child's overall growth and development.
- DHA: To support normal brain development
- Iron & Iodine: To support normal cognitive development
- Immuno-nutrients (Vitamin A, C, Iron, Selenium): To help support immune system function
- Calcium & Vitamin D: To support normal bone development
- High Quality Whey Protein: To support easy digestion

Method of Preparation:
• Boil drinking water for 5 minutes and leave it till lukewarm.
• Gradually mix 7 level scoops++ (33.5g) to 210ml of lukewarm water until powder is fully dissolved.
• Mixing with water more than 37 °C may compromise benefits of the probiotics.
• Also tastes delicious with milk.

Storage Conditions:
• On opening, transfer the contents of the pack along with the pouch into a clean airtight container.
• After each use, replace lid tightly and store in a cool, dry place.
• Ensure enclosed scoop is washed and thoroughly dried before use. After opening, use the contents within 3 weeks or best before date, whichever is earlier.

Warning & Caution:
• Probiotic Food
• Not for Medicinal Use
• Use in children on long-term medication should be after consulting your doctor
• Not for children with galactosemia or lactose intolerance

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