Nesta Toys Wooden Gas Stove and Cooking Set (10 Pcs)

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It's time to upgrade your Little One's kitchen with our cute Wooden Gas Stove and Cooking Set Toy. As it is one of the best ways to pretend play where kids can use their imaginations and dive into their little worlds of make-believe with friends and family.

Learn Through Play: The colorful and cute kitchen toy encourages endless playtime and helps to develop social, intellectual, communication, and motor skills. It also promotes fantasy storytelling, role-playing, imitative play, and creativity. Teach your children how to prepare ingredients and cook for themselves. Also self-feeding is a very difficult task and it is common for kids to have difficulty using cutlery as they find it difficult to hold it, this toy set helps kids begin to develop self-feeding skills as well. It encourages a good cutlery grasp right from a very young age.

Non-Toxic Play Toys: This kitchen set is the perfect toy for kids who want to roleplay as a chef or cook for their family and friends. The toy is made up of high-quality beech wood has smooth and rounded edges for the safety of the kids and the colors used are non-toxic.

Wooden Cooking Set:

Nesta Toys wooden kitchen has - Frying pan (5 cm x 20 cm x 12 cm), Cooking Pot (8 cm x 14 cm x 12 cm), 1 cooking spoon, 1 tea spoon, 1 plate (12 cm dia) and 4 vegetable cut section
Material: Premium Quality Beech Wood
Gas Stove

Material - Locally sourced Pine Wood, non-toxic, and child-safe paints
Dimensions - (Height x Length x Width): 5cm x 40cm x 18cm

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