Nesta Toys Crochet Fruits & Vegetable Toys | Play Food for Kids (10 Pcs)

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Introducing our Crochet Fruit & Vegetable Toys, the perfect addition to your child's playtime adventures. Crafted with love and attention to detail, these handcrafted play food items bring a burst of color and imagination to your little one's world.

?? Banana (13.5x3.5 cm): Peel away the fun with our crochet banana, perfect for teaching shapes and colors.

?? Apple (6x6 cm): Encourage a love for healthy eating as your child explores this crochet apple, complete with a crochet stem.

?? Watermelon (9x6 cm): Let them slice into imaginative play with our charming crochet watermelon, a summer favorite.

?? Orange (7x7 cm): Introduce your little one to the world of citrus delights with our bright and playful crochet orange.

?? Guava (8x6 cm): Foster an appreciation for tropical fruits with our meticulously crafted crochet guava.

?? Brinjal (11x6 cm): Learn about different shapes and sizes with our crochet brinjal, perfect for pretend cooking adventures.

?? Tomato (7x5 cm): Explore the wonders of the vegetable garden with our lifelike crochet tomato.

?? Carrot (13.5x4 cm): Plant the seeds of imagination with our detailed crochet carrot, great for interactive storytelling.

?? Cauliflower (6x7.5 cm): Discover the beauty of cruciferous vegetables through our intricately designed crochet cauliflower.

?? Pumpkin (7x7 cm): Embrace the cozy charm of autumn with our playful crochet pumpkin, a must-have for seasonal play.

Made with love and safety in mind, these crochet fruit and vegetable toys offer a wonderful opportunity for sensory play, language development, and creativity. Inspire a love for fresh produce and imaginative play with our Crochet Fruit & Vegetable Toy Set!

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