MommyPure Fruit & Vegetable Wash liquid Cleanser-500ml | 100% Natural & Edible Ingredients |

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MommyPure Fruit & Vegetable Wash is made with 100 percent NATURAL, 100 percent EDIBLE, SAFE, and NON-TOXIC INGREDIENTS to assist effective, safe, and genuine washing of fruits and vegetables. Cleaning Baby Toys & Accessories is also a breeze! This product has no preservatives or additives.
It's better than just rinsing with water! LABORATORY PROVEN FORMULA to Effectively REMOVE 99.9% OF GERMS, BACTERIA, PESTICIDES, Waxes, Chemicals, Pollutants, and Soils There is NO AFTERTASTE, and the NATURAL FLAVOR of fresh fruits and vegetables is retained. ALL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WILL BE DETOXIFIED; there will be no re-deposition of dirt or germs after washing.

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