Lego Stunt Show Truck & Bike

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With a motorbike, toy pickup truck, and trailer, this is an action-packed construction challenge. A blazing ring of fire for extra-dangerous experiences! Motorbike enthusiasts will perform heroic stunts by sending their stunt motorcycle flying into the flames with the help of an easy-to-use pull-back control. The truck has top-of-the-line steering, opening doors, and cool stickers to pique children's interest. The motorcycle, on the other hand, has chunky tyres and even more sticker info. For breathtaking stadium journeys, there's a two-in-one model. This construction kit is jam-packed with thrilling features that will keep builders and motorcycle enthusiasts occupied. To propel the bike into the air, the detachable trailer turns into a toy ramp. The motorcycle is then transported in the trailer after executing fun tricks, ready for the next hair-raising operation. Rebuild the model into a Stadium Truck ready for a new challenge. With LEGO Technic construction toys, you will learn new skills. With this LEGO Technic (42106) Stunt Show Truck & Bike kit, LEGO builders will learn about the fundamentals of force and movement. This set is perfect for LEGO enthusiasts or anybody looking for a fun building challenge.

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