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The fun LEGO Creator 3in1 Sports Car (31100) toy package will fuel kids' enjoyment of cars and imagination. This red and black sports car comes with a middle engine, intake valve, and a rear spoiler that kids can enjoy driving around with. Building can be enjoyable and imaginative. With this LEGO Builder 3in1 package, kids get three separate build-and-play experiences. They can construct a race car, convert it to a hot rod with a new engine and intake pipe, add an antique aircraft, or design something entirely new. This fantastic construction toy promotes creative play and can be used as a reward or treat. A minifigure will fit in the cab of either the sports car or the hot rod. Create, enjoy, and restore single-player models.LEGO Creator 3in1 sets provide children with enjoyable, informative, and realistic models that inspire creative play. The models enable children of all ages to develop and play in countless ways, while also inspiring imagination. These cute, inspiring sets often make excellent presents for every reason.

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