Lego Police Helicopter Transport

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This LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport (60244) set features a ripcord helicopter that actually flies, making it a great construction set for kids who like action toys. Young crime fighters will have a blast helping police officer Rooky Partnur in her efforts to re-arrest notorious crook Frankie Lupelli. A police helicopter transporter truck and motorcycle, a mobile police cell, and a crooks' ATV are all included in this thrilling package. For kids, a cool police playset is available. This entertaining police toy includes an easy-to-follow design guide and instructions, as well as an immersive building guide with zoom and rotate viewing features to assist young LEGO builders in becoming master builders. The enthralling world of the LEGO City cops The LEGO City police sets are a lot of fun to design and play with. The interactive cars, complex buildings, and amusing characters encourage children of all ages to engage in creative, open-ended role-playing.

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