Lego Nature Glamping

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This LEGO Friends Nature Glamping (41392) toy camping kit can pique your child's interest in the outdoors. There are several features that can keep kids entertained for hours. Enable them to picture themselves riding in the woods with mini-dolls of LEGO Friends Olivia and Mia. They can even try to stargaze with a telescope or play with a toy squirrel. Camping with panache This isn't the average camping toy. There are beds and even a mobile in the LEGO tent, so the girls can send pictures back to Heartlake City. Kids will enjoy erecting the mini-doll shelter, which has a nice soft plastic roof, and then decorating it with a garland of decorations. They can imagine relaxing in the hot tub until the toy camp is set up. Not only is the camping in this nature gift for kids cutting-edge, but so are the directions! Download the LEGO Life app to get access to Directions Plus, where your child can rotate, zoom, and "ghost" their toy camp. It's a structure designed for the modern age!

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