Lego Lamborghini Urus St-X & Lamborghini Hura

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LEGO Pace Champions Lamborghini Huracn Super Trofeo EVO and Lamborghini Urus ST-X (76899) replica concept cars will appeal to racing enthusiasts. Kids will make epic races or proudly showcase the LEGO replicas in their bedrooms with the two fun race cars included in this building kit. The devil is in the nuances when it comes to having a good time. The Lamborghini Hurac Super Trofeo EVO racing car, which will be available in January 2020, competes in the world's fastest one-make championship and features brilliantly authentic elements such as a shark fin and front diffuser. The Lamborghini Urus ST-X toy car is also brand new, and it is the world's first racing Super SUV that can drive both on and off the track. Recreate the excitement of race day! LEGO Speed Champions is a game mode.

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