Lego Fire Dragon

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The LEGO Builder 3in1 Fire Dragon (31102) collection will help kids grow their love of amazing creatures as well as their imagination. This terrifying, fire-breathing dragon toy has a posable head, jaw, legs, paws, wings, and claws, as well as an opening treasure chest with various features, which children love to play with. Build-and-play flexibility. With this LEGO Builder 3in1 package, kids get the excitement and fun of three separate build-and-play experiences in one. They can build a fire dragon and then reassemble it as a saber-toothed tiger with posable paws, head, and jaw, a Scorpion with posable legs and claws, or something entirely different. This construction toy promotes creative play and makes a wonderful all-occasion present for children. This building toy encourages imaginative play and makes a great all-occasion gift for kids. Well-known models based in fantasy and reality LEGO Creator 3in1 sets offer kids toys that are wonderfully detailed, tap into different passion points and spark imaginative play. The models offer endless building and play opportunities while helping to drive creativity in children of all ages.

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