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With this super-cool LEGO Technic(42105) Catamaran toy, kids will relive the thrill of boat racing. This LEGO Technic platform toy floats on water for the first time ever! As a result, sailors can learn while having fun. Take a look at how the sails work. Or how the rudder steers and the dagger boards optimise stability. This model boat is a beautiful replica of the real thing, with its classic 2-hull catamaran configuration. Learn how to build and sail a fantastic toy boat. Develop, re-build, play, and show off. This LEGO robotics toy has too much for kids to learn. Have fun constructing the Catamaran, which is based on actual racing vessels. Then, before restoring it into a Competition Power Craft, set it in the bathtub to replicate speed racing experiences. This kit is a perfect pick if you're looking for toy boats that actually float. Toys that are one-of-a-kind and interactive construction environments For LEGO enthusiasts looking for a new adventure, LEGO Technic sets are perfect. They have an advanced construction environment for children and adults who are interested in learning new engineering skills or who just enjoy building.

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