Lego Bricks And Lights

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With this fun LEGO kit, kids will be twice as imaginative. First, create fun templates, and then use Light Brick Shadow Casters to transform them into shadow puppets! From construction stones to shadow plays, there's enough for everybody. When their mini-models turn into fun shadow pictures, kids aged 5 and up will be enthralled! When pictures shift, shrink, and expand, imaginations can go wild, encouraging countless storytelling experiences. Anything can happen with 12 fun LEGO toys for kids to create a castle, face, fairy, bat, rooster, crook, pirate ship, owl, witch, windmill, shark, and dinosaur – plus extra bricks to build their own creations! When the two Shadow Casters are summoned, the shadow plays never finish! a child. As they plan, show, and build, children learn skills. LEGO Classic collections provide young people with ideas and inspiration. Simple instructions for the fun models get kids started on their indoor activities right away. They learn skills that will help them succeed in the future as they experience the thrill of making their own creations.

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